Daily dose of love quotes here


Daily dose of love quotes here

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brillfic asked: kiss, hug, and be with.

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Thank you, dear. <3 I love you too.


oh you’re playing DRAMAtical Murder?  i love that game, the way they just [clenches fist] murder dramatically



pros of long fics: well thought out, character development, builds relationships

cons of long fics: impending sense that something is going to go wrong at any moment

They’re together and happy, but there’s still ten chapters left.

And the writer mentions she’s starting college/graduate school/a job in the fall!

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I want to _____ you.




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A reminder:

When articles say that worrying that you’re a horrible person is a sure sign that you’re not one, that does not mean that the only way to keep yourself from being a horrible person is to obsessively worry about it.

the 2030s


people will be ironically saying “remember the 10s?” and making fun of our crappy internet speeds 

pun time


What’s a ghosts favorite mode of transportation?

A boogy?

  • Children's Cartoon Character: *Breathes*




I sometimes imagine how my online friends would react if I died. I mean, they wouldn’t know, right? I’d just, no longer post anything anymore, no explanation, no closure, just a lack of me. I wonder how long it’d take for those I talk to through tumblr to figure it out.

If you want to talk, please let me know. …Because, honestly, this train of thought sounds frighteningly familiar.

In answer: yes, I used to think about this a lot, and my answer then was that people would just move on.

THIS IS INACCURATE. People do notice. I once inadvertently freaked the shit out of someone by dropping out of sight on an unannounced hiatus for two weeks while cramming for an exam. People on the Nuzlocke Forums express concern when a member isn’t seen around for a month, and that’s just with LPs where updates occur on average about once a week. Hell, I get quietly unnerved if a week passes without my dash being hit by a mass reblog spree.

So people do notice. Not immediately, because they don’t want to be ‘clingy’ and they reason that people can get very busy in real life, but they NOTICE. ESPECIALLY on frequent-update sites like Tumblr.

…Seriously, man, if you were gone, I’d miss you. We don’t talk much, but even if we never talked again my dashboard/activity chart would begin to feel weirdly empty without the occasional solid wall of posts.

If I’m misreading and just being paranoid because of past thoughts, don’t mind me. …It just sounds like a certain cluster of thoughts I used to have.


Um, okay, so just so you know you DID misread that, I don’t actually think no one would miss me, I swear! Mainly it was just another one of my random thoughts similar to “each year equals a day of the week”

Not really sure how to go about this, so I just will First off, I’m sorry, didn’t mean to freak you out like that, and more then ever before I promise to never put you, Brill, or any of you other lovely people reading this through that, EVER. I want it clear hear and now that no matter how bad I ever get, I know that the biggest mistake I can ever make is taking away my own life. I’m not upset, I just want to be blunt and honest with you because I care about you.

Secondly I want to thank you Beast for all the nice things you just said about me, one of the more difficult things for some people to do is believe that people care about them, and I’m no stranger to feeling unloved. I cannot express how much I appreciate the simple words you’ve said today.

Finally, to anyone else reading this, I just want you to know that people DO care about you, even if you don’t see it. That was unintentionally proven here today. So please be safe tonight, and because you may not have heard it recently.

I love you

Sorry! It’s a perfectly fine random thought. I just got worried because I only tended to contemplate it when badly depressed. Totally misread, sorry!

Thanks. I just… got worried because when things are going badly or depression’s flaring or any of that, reasoning tends to go screwy. I appreciate the confirmation.

You’re quite welcome! :D I wanted to say all that because… well, the thought you had probably crosses everyone’s mind at some point, for non-depressed reasons or depressed ones, and I never really see it addressed. So, yeah. Just getting that out there.

You’re a good friend.

And hey, everyone reading this - take a moment to really read what he said. It is true.

Have a good week, everybody. Or at least one that’s manageable on the way to the weekend. If you need to talk, people are here.